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Adam D.

A lot of house for the price.

Agnes H.

They were so nice and they did what they said they would.

Alan K.

I am pleased. They worked with me.

Alma H.

They were right on. Tried to help me in every way they could. Both the sales team and the service teams done a good job.

Amanda S.

They were kind, and prompt.

Amy S.

They were friendly people. They helped us find property. If it wasn't for the sales team, we wouldn't have been able to get a home.

Andrew K.

They did a great job and worked real hard to get things done.

Angela V.

We liked the people we dealt with, and we liked the home.

Beverly W.

Wonderful people. Anything we needed repaired they did. The sales lady was wonderful.

Billy D.

They did everything they could to help us out.

Billy R.

They were nice.

Bradley W.

They were helpful.

Brucetta N.

I was very pleased with the service I received.

Burton B.

We went to several places. There, they treated us well and acted like they wanted our business.

Carl H.

They did very well with the follow up.

Cecelia S.

They were caring and helpful. Some have become friends.

Celesta G.

They treated me very well at the home center. The manager, Tom, did a good job, and I have already recommended them to other people.

Chad D.

Rob and Nelson were nice. They returned phone calls promptly.

Chad G.

Friendly people. Very easy to deal with.

Charles Z.

They gave me great service.

Chris M.

Good service.

Christopher A.

They were very friendly and helpful. Mia was very good. If I had any questions she had no issue answering them.

Craig H.

They had the best homes on the market.

Crystal D.

They were helpful and prompt. Always there when they were needed.

Dan B.

Its a beautiful home and we haven't had any problems with it.

Daniel R.

Very helpful.

Danielle R.

They were very willing to work with me. They helped me design the floor plan I wanted. They made sure I got what I wanted.

David B.

They were very nice. They went above and beyond helping us. Justin took care of everything.

David F.

The people in that office in Buckhannon were top notch.

David W.

I liked the people that I dealt with.

Debra L.

They were very friendly and courteous, and listened to what I wanted.

Donald F.

They treated me well.

Donald G.

They were wonderful, and we got to know them. We love the home.

Donald R.

They've taken care of everything I've asked for.

Dorothy S.

The people were nice. Rob was a good salesman. Outstanding.

Dustin H.

Everybody was very nice.

Dwayne R.

I have recommended them to other people already. They went out of their way to help us with several different things.

Edward B.

Great customer service.

Gary P.

They had what I wanted and they were great.

Gerald C.

They treated me well, and worked persistently to get me in my home.

Jackie S.

They do a real good job. The were courteous and prompt. I would do business with them again.

James H.

They were very proper, had good manners, and if I needed something fixed they would come fix it.

Jeffrey A.

They were great to work with and they were there when needed.

Jennifer D.

They helped me out in a lot of ways.

Jessica R.

The guys I got it from are really nice.

John B.

We took them a blue print and they helped us pick out everything and got us the home we wanted. They were wonderful to work with, and still are.

John L.

Helpful throughout the whole process.

John L.

They were helpful throughout the whole process.

Joseph L.

Mia is a wonderful woman. She was awesome.

Joseph R.

Mia, the sales representative helped us purchase a lot model.

Justin D.

I liked the quickness of getting my house finished.

Justin D.

I liked the quickness of getting my house finished.

Kenneth C.

They are excellent people. Justin, the sales representative, was awesome.

Kenneth D.

They were helpful, and the set up went very easy.

Kenneth M.

We had a great experience with the employee's and really liked the sales lady.

Kevin P.

They did a nice job from day 1, and a superb job answering all questions.

Kinsey H.

They were great all around. Had no problems with them.

Larry L.

They got me a good home.

Leslie S.

They really worked with us.

Lester A

They were real nice people to deal with, and very helpful.

Linda F.

Everything they told me would be done or taken care of was. They have been wonderful. I have no complaints.

Lori M.

They were friendly. Everything came together.

Lowell S.

Overall, the entire crew is amazing.

Mary S.

I got my home set up quickly.

Matthew F.

I have already recommended a couple of friends. I like that they went all the way to get me a new home.

Melvin O.

They were very good to us. They have helped us out a lot, and still are.

Michael M.

The customer service there is excellent. They really helped us out and answered any questions we had.

Michael S.

They worked with me.

Paul C.

Mia was very nice, and very thorough.

Paula K.

Very friendly, willing to listen.

Ray R.

Our salesperson went the extra mile for us, very nice person.

Raymond S.

Good customer service.

Richard K.

I have already recommended people. I had been all over West Virginia looking for a home. I had been there a few times and Mia never forgot us. We are proud of our home, and have had no issues with it.

Rickey C.

They had been super nice. Any question I had, they answered them or got right back with me with an answer. They were accommodating. Rob was my salesperson.

Robert B.

Asked for changes in the home and they made them.

Robert N.

They were very helpful and prompt on getting the home delivered and set up. Justin was our salesman.

Robert R.

The people were wonderful.

Samual J.

Mia was fantastic.

Scott C.

The sales representative was wonderful.

Tammy L.

They took very good care of me, and got me into the home real quick.

Teresa S.

They worked with me to obtain the home.

Terri A.

Very good service, right on top of things, worked well with us. Very prompt in calling us back.

Timothy C.

They did a good job selling me a home.

Timothy T.

It was fast.

Tucker C.

Good customer service.

Vickie R.

They were nice people and they do everything they can for you.

William A.

Justin was an amazing person, and very helpful.

William B.

They go above, over, and beyond. We were treated well.

William V.

They did what they said they would do. Everything was satisfactory. Mia, the salesperson, was very efficient.

William W.

All the people I worked with were cooperative. They did an excellent job.